#FateOfThe13 Magnus Shards Coin/Patch/Pin Bundle


Bundle with #FateOfThe13 coin, pin and patch.

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Coin, patch and pin bundle.

The 2”/50mm #FateOfThe13 coin embodies the global resistance resistance effort in the electronically connected Ingress universe. The design features a dual tone gold/sandblasted finish and blue enamel.

We’ve taken the chip at the center of our coin design and made a unique triangular 2” patch which will look great on a bag or jacket.

The Resistance globe from the coin is the focus of the Magnus Global Shards pin which symbolized the global Resistance united and connected in the shards battle.

For the largest and longest running global Ingress event so far, #FateOfThe13, a truly global effort to support Resistance operations was necessary. When we reached out globally, designers Pam Maloney (https://plus.google.com/+PamMaloney) and Miho S (https://plus.google.com/+MihoS0919) answered the call to design items that symbolized the global fight to control the magnus shards.

All proceeds from sales of these items will be used to fund IRFN operations (http://irfn.org/). All sales of €6 or more will include a biocard with code redeemable for a shards supporter achievement medal in The Grid (http://the-grid.org). We hope you love our Tecthulhu circuit-inspired theme and take advantage of the global production and fulfillment we have coordinated.

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